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We use a modular approach that lets us assemble the pieces of an app quickly.  That means the cost is cut, simply because labor is the most expensive part of any software project, especially mobile apps. This means you save a ton of money!

And, because every business needs something a bit different, it is difficult to create “packages” of features that will meet the needs. We have, however, created Baseline of features included in all purchases. then, you can shop ala carte, and you can always add on features in the future. We suggest starting with the Baseline, and later adding other features as desired.

H & H Media Group will create, install, and maintain your app.  And, of course, we will do the grunge work of setting it up, if you so wish.

If your app will be primarily text, we only require information about your business, plus what it is you want to present.

If you are selling products, or food, we will also need the following information about your products:

  • Category Names
  • Product Names
  • Product descriptions,
  • All included options,
  • All paid options, 
  • All images, and
  • All product prices

For restaurants, we normally work from your existing menu. We use the text, images, options, and prices from there. You will also be involved with things like loyalty cards and discounts, if you choose to have them.

Click the button below to download our pricing. We  offer the baseline packages, plus an ala carte selection, as noted above.  If you want to work with the ala carte pricing, just type a “y” (without quotes) in the “Add'” field by an item in column D (below the blue line).  The pricing will be recalculated. Make no changes elsewhere.

If you would like us to do the entry of all product or food menu items, enter the number where shown.

The file may be opened with Excel, Numbers, or Open Office.

Our payment terms are 50% on contract, and 50% on acceptance with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. 

Talk to one of our experts!

Big things happen for businesses that take action. Now is your chance to catapult yourself light years ahead of your competitors by getting your own mobile app. Talk to our expert and get a customized session on what our app can do for you.


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